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Japanese cuisine Maze-Maze in 2015. The NYC, designed by sculptor Muneto Maekawa, feels like a sanctuary, and the fittingly has a near-religious following among maze-gohan fanatics. Gohan is punitively reasonable, but consistently luscious, The mugifuji-pork is as smooth as berry mousse, and almost as sweet. For tuna aficionados, a sampler with five different cuts includes an tuna on par with the city’s best.

George Sheung - San Gabriel, California

It’s a quite authentic japanese natural organic food style restaurant. Grilled sea eel maze-gohan are so tasty, and there were many unique tapas style bowls in the menu which were good taste, too.
Very comfortable about servers’ hospitality, too. Very good food, nice service!

Marguerite Liang - NYC NY

The best service I’ve ever had in NYC street fair. The people working there were SUPER NICE! The line seemed extremely long but we timed it and it only took 15 minutes. The grilled sea eel and grilled pork-ginger maze-gohan bowl is a must have from being baked completed. However, it is a fun time!

Stuart Tracy - New York, NY