New York Maze-gohan "B Flat TriBeCa" Pop-Up Bistro

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The best bar in NYC "B-Flat TriBeCa".

Maze-Maze Pop-Up bistro in "B-Flat TriBeCa" Maze-Maze Pop-Up bistro on Sunday, January 17th 2016

New York Maze-gohan "B Flat TriBeCa" Pop-Up Bistro - MENU

All cuisine menu provided by the "Maze-Maze" is using a natural organic ingredients.

Grilled Sea Eel(穴子蒲焼) Maze-gohanGrilled Sea Eel(穴子蒲焼) Maze-gohan Grilled Sea Eel Maze-gohan with ToppingGrilled Sea Eel(穴子蒲焼) Maze-gohan with Topping
Pork Ginger(豚生姜焼) Maze-gohanPork Ginger(豚生姜焼) Maze-gohan Pork Ginger Maze-gohan with ToppingPork Ginger(豚生姜焼) Maze-gohan with Topping
Home Made Cooked Tuna Maze-gohanHome Made Cooked Tuna (まぐろ) Maze-gohan Tuna Maze-gohan with ToppingHome Made Cooked Tuna (まぐろ) Maze-gohan with Topping
Fried Chicken (鶏竜田揚) Maze-gohanFried Chicken (鶏竜田揚) Maze-gohan Fried Chicken Maze-gohan with ToppingFried Chicken (鶏竜田揚) Maze-gohan with Topping
Fried Chicken (鶏竜田揚) with Potato ToppingFried Chicken (鶏竜田揚) with Potato Topping Fried Potato - ToppingFried Potato - Topping
Mushroom(茸) Vegetarian Maze-gohanMushroom(茸) Vegetarian Maze-gohan Mushroom(茸) Vegetarian with ToppingMushroom(茸) Vegetarian Maze-gohan with Topping